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1. Full-time college and university graduates;
2. Having CET 4 Certificate;
3. Having outstanding academic performance, well-behaved, and without any illegal records;
4. Having good school performance and social practice experiments;
5. Having good communication ability and team cooperation spirit, with lively, open, optimistic and positive character.


Requirements of majors for 2012 graduates
Hull------Ship Engineering Technology, Ship Engineering Technology (Outfitting), Ship Engineering Technology (Hull Painting Specialization), Ship and Ocean Engineering, Design and Manufacture of Ship And Ocean Structures;

Electromechanical------Mechanical-Electrical Integration, Marine Electrical Equipment and Electric Automation;

Marine Machinery------Marine Engineering Technology, Marine Power Plant, and Heat Energy and Power Engineering;

Welding------Welding Technique and Automation, Material Molding and Control Technology, and Non-Destructive Test;

Others-----Human Resources Management, Accountancy, International Trade, Business English, Logistics Management, and Mechanical Design and Manufacture

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